Martha Rosler: If You Lived Here Still

Martha Rosler
If You Lived Here Still
Free and open to the public
Thursday-Saturday: 11am-6pm; other hours by appointment

If You Lived Here Still is a multi-faceted exhibition that includes the lasting record of Rosler’s groundbreaking 1989 exhibition If You Lived Here… alongside materials the artist has collected during re-presentations of the project over the last 10 years.

The archive includes photographs, videos, documents, and slideshows drawn from the 1989 presentation at the Dia Art Foundation in New York City. Three exhibitions comprised If You Lived Here… Home Front focused on tenant struggles and gentrification; Homeless: The Street and Other Venues dealt with homelessness, both visible and hidden; and City: Visions and Revisions, took up urban planning and development, with real and fanciful solutions. These exhibitions included work by artists, film- and videomakers, homeless people, activists, architects, squatters, poets, writers, community groups, schoolchildren, and others. Four public forums featured the participation of artists, activists, advocates, elected representatives, academics, journalists, and community members. This historical material will be shown at the Foundation with material integrated into the exhibition since 2006 from New York City; Rennes, France; Liverpool, England; Utrecht, Netherlands; Barcelona, Spain; and U.S. locations including Seattle.

If You Lived Here Still will be shown in a series of three exhibitions echoing the 1989 presentation:
Home Front on view January 28 – March 26, 2016
Homeless: The Street and Other Venues on view March 31 – May 14, 2016