New Fellows Grants are merit-based fellowships for Seattle-based contemporary visual artists, curators, and arts writers to use to travel out-of-state for self-directed/self-organized professional development.

New Fellows receive funding for self-guided research or to participate in residencies, conferences, seminars, workshops, and/or related programs they identify to gain technical experience, enhance their knowledge and skills, and expand their professional network and community of practice.

Two to four fellowships are issued annually. Each year, the Foundation invites new nominators, local arts professionals, to recommend individuals to apply for a fellowship. Applications are assessed by the Foundation’s directors who select fellows based on prior achievements and a proven track record of performance as illustrated by work samples and experience; demonstrated creativity in a proposal and/or having a refined understanding of what is needed to develop professionally; and well-articulated explanations of the purpose of the proposed experience and the impact it will have on their practice.

Fellows are selected in the fall and spring.

This program is currently closed.

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