Essential Oils For Nausea

Doctors and nutritionists tout the health-improving benefits of substances known as essential oils. One such attribute various forms of these products are believed to have is the ability to curtail or eliminate nausea.

This brief blog will discuss what essential oils are, highlight several that fight nausea and why these products are effective in battling this medical issue.

Essential Oils Defined

Essential oils are products extracted from plants. Typically, such items are born from the substances that give plants a unique aroma or flavor.

Essential Oil Creation

Plant extracts are obtained through either natural processes like distillation or via mechanical means. Once the extracts are gathered, they are combined with what are called carrier oils.

Carrier oils are substances that can not only maximize all the natural and beneficial attributes of the extract but are also safe for public consumption.


At one time or another, everyone has experienced the unpleasant the unpleasant feeling of having to vomit.

In certain instances, this untoward symptom could be associated with several other physical manifestations of the specific ailment nausea accompanies.

Nausea might also be accompanied by a variety of digestive tracts ailment symptoms such as abdominal pain, gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea.

The Causes Of Nausea

Nausea might be precipitated by a host of maladies ranging from minor and short-lived to potentially quite dangerous.

Precipitating factors can be divided into different categories including:


Nausea could be a symptom of many systemic ailments including food-borne illnesses, digestive tract disorders, certain kinds of cancer, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular issues, a reaction to pain, brain, and nervous system disorders, excessive alcohol consumption and reactions to foods and specific medications.


Many expecting women experience a form of nausea known as morning sickness through various stages of their pregnancies.


Certain airborne toxins and substances like pesticides and other environmental agents could trigger nausea.


Mental issues like nervousness, anxiety, and fear often precipitate the onset of nausea.

Motion Sickness

The repetitive motion associated with traveling in a car or the swaying brought on when cruising on a boat could also elicit nausea.

The Reasons Essential Oils Are Effective In Combating Nausea

Many essential oils contain properties that possess the ability to fight nausea-inducing problems associated with digestive maladies naturally.

However, many of these products are also comprised of substances believed to induce a calming effect that may help individuals experience fewer manifestations of stress.

Eliminating or alleviating exposure to stress-related anxiety might also help prevent many illnesses of which nausea is a symptom.

Essential Oils Known For Abating Nausea

Certain products are known for their ability to curtail nausea and are recommended by health professionals for this reason. Some essential oils to consider when experiencing the terrible feeling include:


Scientific studies have shown that products containing this substance have provided nausea relief to individuals experiencing the symptom due to certain digestive tract maladies, post-operative nausea and nausea that appears in the wake of chemotherapy treatments.


Doctors and researchers opine that this substance works in conjunction with specific brain systems to produce a calming influence that has proven effective in eliminating episodes of nausea linked to stress and anxiety.


Ginger has long been touted as an active combatant against nausea and other bothersome symptoms that might indicate a digestive problem.

However, the substance is also widely prescribed as an anti-emetic product for people experiencing post-operative nausea.


Lemon has gained notoriety for its ability to fight nausea associated with morning sickness.

Researchers have studied the substance’s impact upon pregnant women dealing with this problem and found that many find relief after ingesting some form of lemon essential oil.


For centuries, this product has been used in the relief of digestive disorders and for its anxiety-suppressing properties.

Finding Essential Oil Products

Essential oils are readily available for purchase at many well-known national pharmacy chains, nutritional supplement retailers, as well as novelty shops that sell products like scented candles or at institutions that specialize in activities such as aromatherapy.

Additionally, such products are also sold by numerous online retailers.

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