Society – Health and Happiness for a Stronger Economy

Health in society is the number one global driving force which aids in keeping our economies afloat. Having productive economic growth requires us to invest in societal health. There are various factors which influence the health system.

These include social environments such as friends and family, social surroundings like the workplace and schools, religious institutions and political systems. We need workplace health and a greener environment for better health.

These factors are based on sociological and social psychological perspectives. Lone behavioral choices result in health consequences. One of the major factors influencing the 21st-century economic growth is health, wealth, and education. This amalgamates into the overall well-being of societies.

Health Domains

There are four health domains which make up the health system in society. Personal health, public health, medical health, and the health market.

These domains need to be increased by means of changed behaviors, government measures, medical mediation, and health products and services.

Health Products and Services

These products and services come from health tourism, the fitness market, plastic surgery practices, pharmaceutical companies, alternative therapies, and the health food and vitamins market. All of these produce economic potential and global competition.

Government Measures

Measures taken by all governments today is implementing health policies and providing educational health resources made available to the public. These resources can be made public using social media platforms and e-books to name a few.

Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion

The First International Conference on Health Promotion orchestrated by the World Health Organization in Ottawa, Canada in 1986 made an agreement to promote health worldwide.

The devised strategies from this agreement for health promotion according to advocating, enabling, and mediating. Advocacy for changes to the societal health sector. Quality of life for everyone by means of health equity. Mediation between social and economic sectors as well as health promotion by the media and other industries.

Five action plans to achieve this was by implementing public health policies, supportive environments, community action, skills development, and health promotion by preventing illnesses.

If the overall well-being of society relies on economic growth and development, we need to continue to advocate for the promotion of health awareness and needed resources!

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