A Basic Human Right to Better Health Care

As the World Health Care Organization would define health, the overall well-being of human beings is not primarily based on a lack of disease or illness. There are psychological and social elements to consider too.

In Sickness, Disease, and Illness

Three words which are used to describe different phases of health – illness, disease, and sickness.


This refers to a person’s emotional well-being when dealing with an illness.


A disease is determined by a doctor’s diagnosis of the disease caused by objective and biological factors.


This is society’s understanding of a disease relating to a sickness. This kind of understanding has often lead to stigmatization.

Just after Albert Einstein’s discovery of quantum physics, causes of diseases were discovered. Shortly after, medicines to treat these diseases were developed and created.

Health and Nutrition

We are aware of the prevalence of genetically modified foods today. It’s a bigger concern as to the adverse effects these products have on human health. These are not naturally made products at all.

For example, genetically modified cereals. These days cereals are made with hyper-fertilized wheat which increases the gluten content in the product. Gluten is a lipoprotein found in wheat flour. Today, there is three times more gluten in cereals compared to decades earlier.

What has this resulted in? More people are gluten intolerant as well as those that suffer from celiac disease. This disease has symptoms such as diarrhea and bloating resulting in severe digestion problems. There are several other illnesses and diseases as a result of genetically modified foods.

The Future of the Health System

A large part of a country’s gross domestic product is attributed to healthcare expenditure on acute and chronic diseases. Pharmaceutical companies spend millions on research and innovation but more so on marketing instead.

In order for our future health care system to remain sustainable, further preventative policies need to be implemented. Society must play its part in influencing cultures worldwide. People need to understand the significance of good overall health. This is what we need to change in order to move forward.

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